Asbestos Survey For Commercial & Residential Properties

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Do I need a residential asbestos survey for my property?

Property Checks can arrange an asbestos survey for residential and commercial properties. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012’s stringent guidelines serve as the basis for this survey. It includes all necessary risk analyses and recommendations to guarantee the ongoing safety of your home.

Remember that if asbestos is discovered, you may not necessarily need to remove it. You won’t be harmed by the material as long as it is in good condition and is routinely checked for risk. The particles that cause sickness are only released from asbestos materials when they are fractured or damaged in some other way. That is why getting a regular residential asbestos survey is vital if it is discovered on your property.

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Where in my home can I find asbestos?

If the structure was built or renovated before 2000, asbestos might be present in one or more areas of the building. In a household setting, asbestos is also frequently found:

  • Piping and boiler lagging
  • Toilet cisterns and water tanks
  • Thermal insulation board
  • Fabrics, composites and floor tiles
  • Roof, pipe, or flue asbestos cement products
  • Beams, sprayed coatings on beams, walls, or ceilings

That is why a thorough residential asbestos survey is essential for the health and safety of occupants.

Asbestos Surveys | Property Checks

Property Checks Residential and commercial asbestos survey

Our company’s Asbestos Survey Assessors are properly trained, going above and beyond the legal requirements to ensure that your hazard analysis is complete.
The team has evaluated multi-storey buildings, office spaces, hostels, animal facilities, and public spaces.
We also make sure that the reports you receive are easy to read and fully explainable and that our assessors walk you through the findings so that any necessary corrective action can be taken.
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Whose duty is it to manage and control asbestos in residential properties?

After a residential asbestos survey, if asbestos is discovered on the property, it is your duty as the homeowner to manage it. If you’re a tenant, however, you must consult your lease to see who is in charge of controlling the asbestos.

If you live in a condominium or other type of shared housing, the building’s owner is likely to be responsible for any asbestos that may be present. They will undoubtedly be in charge of overseeing the common areas. However, your contract will specify whether the renter, building owner or other entity is in order of handling any asbestos concerns in your private property.

Learn more about our services or speak with a dedicated team member, please contact us or request a quote online.

What Residential and Commercial Asbestos Surveys are offered by Property Checks?

We offer asbestos inspections for all domestic buildings, including single-family residences, bungalows, houses, and apartments. Moreover, our highly qualified surveyors have a wealth of knowledge in inspecting and surveying asbestos in all kinds of properties.

  • Management Residential Asbestos Surveys are performed to locate, evaluate, and manage asbestos on a property.
  • Before any renovation work is done inside a property, a Refurbishment Residential Asbestos Survey is necessary.
  • The most detailed and intrusive survey conducted is the Demolition Residential Asbestos Survey. The presence of asbestos will be checked in every area slated for demolition.
  • A Re-inspection Residential Asbestos Survey follows the aforementioned asbestos surveys. You could need a re-inspection survey to handle the asbestos in your property. The previously located objects will be examined to ensure they are secure and handled appropriately.
  • We cover commercial Asbestos Assessments in Office Blocks, Retail Units, GP Surgeries and more.
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