Fuse Box Installation

Fuse Box Installation from £390

What is a fuse box?

A fuse box contains all of the electrical system’s connecting points, normally terminated in fuses that are set to specific “amps” based on the load required on any given circuit.
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When Should Your Electrical Consumer Unit Be Replaced?

Some old houses, mainly Edwardian or Victorian, still have old ceramic fuses. These fuses are now obsolete and should be replaced with an RCD electrical consumer unit whenever possible. The installation of RCD fuses improves property safety, especially during circuitry system overloads. RCDs function as a breaker to the electrical supply and must be manually reset.

Breaker Box Replacement

Replacing a breaker box or electrical panel may be necessary if your existing panel is outdated, damaged or unable to handle your current electrical needs. A professional electrician can evaluate your existing breaker box and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

If you have trouble replacing your breaker box (fuse box), please contact us or request a quote online. At Property Checks, we can help you understand your requirements.

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Professional fuse box installation | Property Checks

Putting in a New Fuse Box

Where an installation is requested or advised, Property Checks will send skilled electricians.

Our technicians will always complete the work efficiently and minimal disruption, ensuring BS7671 compliance.

Property Checks promises security with safety.