Smoke Alarm Installation & Testing

Smoke Fire Alarm Installation from £149.00

Smoke Detector Installation

Where a complete fire detection system is not present, generally key issues can be covered by smoke detectors. However, in a commercial property or a workplace, it is best to make sure the professionals assess the property against fire hazards. Although smoke detectors and alarms can help in pointing out an emergency situation, a proper system is necessary when there is a high number of people on the premises.

As a matter of fact, proper placement and reach of the alarms need competent evaluation. Once installed, the property caretaker needs to follow a strict assessment regime regularly.

If the premises has regular gas usage and it accommodates people overnight, then these alarms need regular evaluation, checks, and maintenance.  

It is important to understand that smoke detectors and alarms are pivotal when there is an emergency. Above all ignoring the installation can result in harm and it is against the law. Therefore, a compliant property should be equipped with hazard safety equipment.

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Why Choose Property Checks for Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance

Property Checks has teams who take pride in the level of professionalism and competence when it comes to the installation and maintenance of your hazard safety equipment. Therefore, we have a customer base who are loyal to our skilled technicians. 

As with our skilled fire safety professionals, we maintain and check your mains alarm to make sure everything is working properly and to identify any problems. Any situation where our client may have to face any hazardous occurrence is contemplated. Simple issues are usually resolved at the same time, and for those that cannot, the schedule will be created and followed to bring the product back into place and working. 

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