Electrical Safety Certificate (Commercial Properties)


Is a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate required?

As a landlord, it is legally bound to guarantee that all electrical systems are safe and do not pose a risk to the occupants.
Generally the landlord is responsible for electric equipment within the property. Similarly the landlord is also responsible for regular checks. Ultimately, the goal is that these items should be tested regularly.

This rule applies on both commercial and residential properties, particularly where the general public might come into contact with electrical appliances.
A simple EICR certificate will assess your electrical systems and identify any needed improvements.

How to Obtain an Electrical Safety Certificate for a Landlord

Call Property Checks on 0208 432 9484 or request a quote online. We will provide you with a qualified electrician to complete your EICR certificate.

The Occupier’s Liability Act of 1984 states that the landlord’s duty of care extends to the tenant and others who may come into contact with their property.

Our technicians know the regulations governing these safety checks and understand their duty well to ensure that laws are followed. Our experts operate across Harrow, Wembley and the surrounding London areas.

Electrician working on fuse box during electrical safety inspection | Property Checks