Fire Risk Assessments for Commercial & Residential HMO, Communal Area and Supported Living Properties

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Who is Responsible for a Fire Risk Assessment?

The law instructs that the person who assessing a property needs proper qualification for the job. Additionally the required steps should be compiled and distributed to all employees. Hence to ensure that all personnel understand potential fire hazards, emergency exits and emergency procedures.

Once compiled, the checklist for hazard control should be updated regularly.  Primarily when business practices change, new renovations are made, and unknown risks are introduced.

It is a legal requirement for companies that they must be aware of the  responsibility extends to public spaces owned by the company.

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Commercial Fire Risk Assessment

Property Checks provide commercial fire risk assessments for businesses and office spaces that are seeking to review their property for potential fire risks. It’s a legal requirement under the Fire Safety Act 2005 for properties that have 5 or more employees to have updated records of this assessment.

A commercial fire risk assessment is important for your business’s safety and legal compliance. Property Checks have a comprehensive fire risk assessment checklist to identify fire hazards on your premises and take appropriate action to prevent any harm to your staff. 

Property Checks conducts a full audit, identifying & fixing hazards and or providing your business with preventative strategies that we recommend implementing to reduce risk.

Our fully qualified fire risk assessors assess commercial properties under the following key steps:

  • Identifying & evaluating fire hazards
  • Identify people most at risk
  • Evaluate, reduce and or remove risks from People
  • Record Fire Risk Assessment Findings
  • Regularly review and update the fire risk assessment

By contacting Property Checks, you will be seeking professional assistance where we can ensure fire safety in your commercial property, protect your staff & premises from potential fire damage and comply with the law & other legal requirements. 


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Residential Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Safety is vital for apartments and flats. Landlords have a legal obligation to conduct fire risk assessments within the communal areas of these properties. 

These assessments help to identify & reduce risk, ensuring the safety of occupants within their property. 

Landlords are required to identify & address potential fire hazards & risks within a property and implement appropriate fire safety measures.

Fire Risk Assessments for Flats

Property Checks provide fire risk assessment for Landlords by conducting a full checklist of the property which includes the following: 

Property Checks has a team of fire risk assessors qualified and trained to carry out assessments. 

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Professional & Highly Trained Fire Safety Risk Assessors

Our company has properly trained fire safety risk assessors, going above and beyond the legal requirements in order to ensure that your hazard analysis is complete.
Furthermore, the team has evaluated multi-storey buildings, office spaces, hostels, animal facilities, and public spaces for such hazards.
We also make sure that the our reports you receive are easy to read and fully explainable. Despite that our assessors walk you through the findings so that any necessary corrective action can be taken.
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Contact us for a Fire Risk Assessment

Our list of landlord checks will show you, as a client, where you can reduce your fire safety risks. Henceforth, we will provide you with fire risk assessment checklist. This will outline control measures and preventative measures that your maintenance staff can implement or Property Checks technicians can get the job done.

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