Gas Boiler Repair Service

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Keep your Gas Boiler Safe

A gas boiler consumes carbon-based fuel and consequently emits toxic carbon monoxide into the environment. In most situations, these emissions are through the outer flume pipe. For this reason a yearly inspection is recommended for households. As long as all parts receive regular checking and evaluation the property remains safe.

In cases of avoiding the assessment, the property occupants may be exposed to a serious safety hazard. Therefore it is critical and a legal requirement to ensure that the boiler operates properly. Hence no air pollutants enter the property.

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Signs that your boiler isn’t working properly

A faulty geyser makes unusual noises or leaks water from any pipes connected to it. You should not take any of these occurrences or otherwise anything unusual with your equipment lightly. Therefore, if this happens to your gas-boiler, contact Property Checks immediately at 0208 432 9484 or book online.
Our technicians have been trained to detect problematic areas linked with boiler failure and rectify those issues through gas boiler repair services.

Installation & Safety Certificate for Landlords

Property Checks can also provide gas safety certificates and other gas appliance safety certificates.

Firstly, the clients must have a gas appliance check performed at least once a year. Secondly, remember it is critical to keep records of these checks. At Property Checks, we specifically notify clients 30 days ahead of time when their certificate needs to be renewed.

To ensure that you are never out of conformity with your legal obligations, call us at 0208 432 9484 or request a quote online.

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