What is an EICR and Why is it Important?

Whether you’re a landlord or a homeowner, it’s important you understand what an EICR is and why it is important. Failure to do so could put the occupants in danger and the landlord/homeowner in serious legal trouble.

In this article, we explain exactly what an EICR is, the danger it can uncover and why it is a legal requirement to obtain one. Read on to ensure everyone in your household remains safe and compliant with the law.

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What is an EICR?

An Electrical Inspection Condition Report, or EICR, is an important assessment of the safety and condition of your electrical installations. It is a legal requirement to have an EICR carried out on your property if you are a landlord, and it is also a good idea for homeowners to have one done regularly to ensure the safety of their property and the people living in it.

An EICR is carried out by a qualified electrician who will inspect and test all of the electrical installations in your property. This includes things like sockets, switches, wiring, and any other electrical components. The electrician will look for any potential dangers or issues that could cause problems in the future, such as loose wiring or outdated equipment.

If your property is found to have any issues or problems during an EICR, the electrician will provide you with a report outlining the issues and any recommended repairs or upgrades that need to be carried out. It is important to address these issues as soon as possible, as ignoring them could not only be dangerous, but it could also result in your property failing future EICRs or even being deemed unsafe to live in.

Why is an EICR important?

One of the main reasons why an EICR is so important is because faulty electrical installations can be extremely dangerous. Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of house fires in the UK, and faulty wiring or outdated equipment is often the cause. An EICR can help to identify any potential risks and help you to address them before they become a serious problem.

Is obtaining an EICR a legal requirement?

An EICR is a legal requirement for landlords to ensure that their rental properties are safe for their tenants. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is safe and fit for habitation, and an EICR is an important part of that process.

An EICR is valid for 5 years, meaning every five years you will be required to get a new certificate. However, it’s important to note that a change of tenancy doesn’t invalidate the existing EICR.

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